Are you contractors?

No, we are construction consultants. We leave the hands on contracting work to someone that you choose or someone that we recommend to you that we trust.

How come I’ve never heard of a construction consultant before?

That makes two of us. We haven’t heard of a construction consultant for residential projects yet either. But,  we know there is a need for our services, and as a female owned construction company we’re used to blazing trails in this industry.

If I work with you can you recommend a contractor, plumber, painter, electrician, tile guy and HVAC company to me?

Absolutely!  We’ve built an extensive network of trustworthy talent that does great work. We can put you in contact with anybody that you need to complete the project in your home.

I saw a great bathroom in a magazine, but the cost of the time and fixtures were more than I’d like to spend. Can you help me create something similar in my budget?  

Yes! This is something we are being asked to do more and more of. It’s also one of our favorite things to do that save you money. There are hundreds of possibilities to achieve a similar look and remain within your budget and love the outcome.

How do you charge for your services?

Once we meet and have a better understanding of how you’d like to transform your home, we’ll send you a proposal that outlines our flat fee for construction consulting services.

We bill our  Before You Buy service at a flat rate of $250. This includes walking through up to three individual properties with you in one day.

Do you design too?

Yes. Pat began her career as a kitchen designer thirty years ago, and has expanded her repertoire to help rework all living spaces. She is a genius at mining your ideas and style and helping you to bring them to life.

We can help you design any room of your house, and redesign the flow of your home by changing walls, moving rooms around or adding to the overall structure.

How will working with you save us money?

We know how to build homes that last and to serve your needs.  We use all of our experience, and tricks of the trade to help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Do you work with realtors and brokers?
Yes, we’re often called in by realtors to help a potential new homebuyer evaluate and understand what cosmetic and structural updates can realistically be made to a house or condo and the budget needed to complete the work.

Do you work on new construction?

Yes. We’re frequently asked to consult on building new homes, doing major work on fixer uppers or putting on additions. We love doing this, because we can really help you shape your project to ensure that you get what you want, circumvent challenges and avoid costly mistakes. Plus, we love helping people make their visions a reality.

Do you do flips?

Yes. If the right opportunity comes our way, we do partner with investors who want to purchase, renovate and flip a house. If you’re thinking about making an investment like this, please contact us and we will help you evaluate your project.

Can construction and home renovation really be fun?

Yes! We genuinely think it’s a blast and bring that mindset to work every day